Standard Air Duct Cleaning Procedure: (may vary slightly per job depending on the configuration of the ductwork and the location of the air handler in the home)
  • The power to the air handler is cut at the circuit breaker or at the unit’s kill switch prior to the cleaning to prevent the risk of electrocution. 

  • An 8” circular hole is cut into the main supply and return duct trunk lines coming off of the air handler.  The supply side is what pushes the air out into your home through your registers, and the return side is what cycles the air back to the furnace.  Both sides are cleaned separately so no dirt is pulled through the air handler.

  • The access cut for the vacuum hose is also used to place a protective block of foam inside the ductwork against the air handler to protect it from fast-moving debris during the cleaning.  The vacuum hose is then attached to this opening for collection.

  • Important note about pets: A door will be open throughout the project because the hose is attached to a large gas vacuum outside.  Please put indoor pets in a safe area to prevent escape. 

  • Before turning on the vacuum, all accessible supply registers and return grilles are removed for cleaning.  The vent openings are then sealed with a large piece of foam.   Floor vents are covered with a flat magnet.  This protects your home during the cleaning, and also ensures excellent suction.  One or two vents furthest from the air handler will be left open to make sure the vacuum does not buckle the ductwork.

  • The removal of vent covers is usually the messy part of air duct cleaning.  Small hunks of drywall, and fine drywall dust will usually collect at the backs of vent covers.  Some of this may get on your floor while we are working, but all areas are cleaned and vacuumed upon completion. 

  • Additionally, if vent covers have been painted or caulked onto the wall, chipping may some times occur.  Every effort is made to minimize any chipping, but a proper air duct cleaning involves removing the vent covers.  It is also the quickest way to tell if there is mold in the air system as spores will deposit on the inside backing of the vent covers.

  • After turning on the vacuum, we begin working at the vent furthest away from the air handler.  Agitators are fed into each and every vent opening to loosen the debris, and a compressor supplies high-pressured air to push the debris forward and down to the main trunk line (where the vacuum is attached). 

  • A few small holes are then drilled into the main trunk line, and all the debris is finally worked into the attached vacuum hose.  Of course, upon completion of the project, all access cuts are sealed with new, pre-fabricated sheet metal panels, HVAC metal tape and self-tapping screws, and all 1” holes are sealed with Cap Plugs. 

  • The return side is cleaned in the same manner as described for the supply side. 

  • Registers and grilles are hand-brushed and air-washed with high-pressured air to remove loose debris.  This will not remove rust, stains, or sticky material such as nicotine or grease from cooking (a common problem with vents located in or near the kitchen).  Vents can be hand washed during the project for an additional charge, but please be advised it may remove paint or discolor the finish.The air handler unit is washed with high-pressured air, and vacuumed to remove loose debris from the encasement and interior components.

  • Access cuts are sealed, vent covers are replaced, work areas are checked and cleaned, and collected debris is disposed of by the Contractor upon completion of your job.

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Air Duct Cleaning

A&M uses powerful, technologically-advanced equipment, and adheres to strict industry standards to give you the most thorough cleaning possible.  We have cleaned small condos with four or five vents, as well as large, custom homes with four or more furnaces. 

Your home is well-cared for during the project, and we are comfortable and experienced working in any environment.  You can feel relaxed knowing we care about doing thorough work, and make every effort to protect your home during the cleaning.  That's why more than 80% of our work is referral and word-of-mouth. 

Please read through our cleaning procedures, view the slideshow, video and pictures to familiarize yourself with our cleaning process.   Feel free to request more information or a quote using the contact form below, or just give A&M a call at 301-262-7773.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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