Indoor Air Pollution

Considering most of us spend a large percentage of our time indoors, the quality of our indoor air has become an increasing concern. However, indoor pollution levels are shockingly higher than those of the outdoors. Our energy-efficient, air-tight homes are sealing out fresh air, and trapping "in" pollutants. Many office buildings are equipped with sealed windows, and the fresh-air dampers are commonly closed to reduce utility costs.

Airborne particles, which can carry germs and other irritants, are circulated throughout homes and workplaces via the ventilation system. Some of that dust will remain in the ductwork, trapping and holding moisture, and creating an ideal breeding ground for mold and other biological contaminants.  So not only can debris in the ductwork reduce air flow as well as heating/cooling efficiency, but it could be causing irritation and even illness.

Filters, air cleaners and HEPA-filtered vacuums are all helpful in fighting indoor air pollution.   You may want to minimize the use of air fresheners as these only add chemicals to the indoor air.  Opening doors and windows as the weather permits can also help.  And maybe you have wondered about cleaning your air ducts.

When properly performed, an air duct cleaning can have several benefits.  It will remove contaminated dust and debris within your ductwork and air handler. It can help improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.  Some customers have even reported lower utility costs after duct cleaning, and many also remark on increased air flow.  A thorough cleaning definitely has its benefits.  Plus, it's good preventive maintenance for your heating and cooling system.

A duct cleaning WILL NOT eliminate dust in your home or workplace. That’s like expecting to mow your grass, and never have it grow back.  Dust is not borne in the ducts. It is comprised mostly of skin flakes, various fibers, dirt brought in from outside and other miscellaneous pollutants. Duct cleaning will remove the existing dust, and an appropriate filter will help reduce the dust coming into your home as it circulates through your HVAC system.

A duct cleaning WILL NOT cure allergies.  No conclusive studies have been performed to scientifically verify the health benefits of air duct cleaning.  It may help relieve allergy symptoms as it does reduce the amount of debris in your system being stirred up and blown into your indoor environment. A duct cleaning WILL NOT "solve" indoor air quality problems or keep mold from returning. So many things contaminate our indoor air – household cleaners, paints, waxes, varnishes, hair spray, perfumes, pet hair and dander, chemical treatments on fabrics and carpets, cigarette smoke, dust mite feces, the list is extraordinary. The air ducts are just one potential source of many possible indoor air quality problems, but you can think of them as the largest room in your house that never gets cleaned.  If the debris inside your ductwork was coating your kitchen floor, you would want to clean it up, wouldn't you?   Many people simply feel a proper air duct cleaning is part of regular household maintenance.

Air duct cleaning is not a federally regulated industry, and most state and local authorities place no requirements on licensing or certifications. Many companies have sprung up using sub-standard equipment, and untrained subcontractors. Such companies will cut corners in cleaning procedures to complete as many jobs as possible in one day, but often attract the unknowing consumer because of low prices.   Rather than helping improve the quality of your indoor air, they may cause more problems than they solve. 

Another common tactic may involve the "bait and switch" routine.  This is where the consumer schedules for a $99 whole house cleaning, which becomes the $700 cleaning once the technician(s) arrives.  This type of company typically finds additional charges for things that would normally be included in the service, or which they should have discussed in advance over the phone.  Make sure your potential service provider is willing to take the time to explain the cleaning procedure, exactly what is involved and included, and can advise you of the variables that would cause a price increase. 

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